Lamborghini Huracan gets Vossen Fully Forged LC103 Custom Wheels

DETAILS: We’ve done some pretty insane stuff here at Need 4 Speed Motorsports alongside Vossen Wheels, such as this gorgeous Ferrari La Ferrari or this Bugatti Chiron. Both of which were firsts for the world, and on Vossen wheels. Well, even then, it’s still not every day we’re blessed with one of the Italian Supercars […]

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A90 Supra Gets HRE Flowform Wheels FF10

DETAILS: HRE is amongst the largest and most globally recognized aftermarket wheel companies in the industry. Known for their timeless wheel designs, HRE definitely has a legacy behind them and everything they do. In recent years, they’ve released a Flow Forged line of wheels under the Flow Form brand. These wheels are designed and manufactured […]

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Off-Roading Wheels and Tires ft. Icon Alloys

DETAILS: Here at Need 4 Speed Motorsports, we like to do it all. Including something you don’t see us post online often, off-road setups. Right now, according to SEMA’s Market Research, the off-road/overland market has taken over about 40% of the entire aftermarket industry for automotive enthusiasts. Thanks to their versatility, bigger vehicles like trucks […]

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sf x dual bronze

Introducing Stance’s New SF10 Wheel!

DETAILS: Stance is another company that’s been hard at work bringing an all-new wheel design to market. Presenting to you Stance’s brand new SF10 wheel. Part of their SF line of wheels, these rotary flow forged wheels bring a hybrid construction featuring forged like strengths and weights, at a fraction of the cost. The SF10 […]

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Ferrada NEW Wheel Drop for 6-lugs FT Series FT4

DETAILS: As more higher performance trucks and SUVs hit the market – aftermarket wheel manufacturers are making sure they get some wheel options out there asap. Especially for the 6-lug vehicles and knowing full well that people love to customize. Ferrada Wheels has had their FT-series of wheels for some time now but they’ve added […]

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 cls  amg fr brushed rouge

New Finish! Brushed Rouge from Ferrada Wheels

DETAILS: For quite some time, Ferrada has been teasing their new Brushed Rouge signature finish. Today, it is finally available! Designed specifically for their Forge-8 line of wheels, the Brushed Rouge finish features a complete hand-brushed texture and a candy apple red tint. This allows the brushed texture to really pop in the direct sunlight […]

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ferrari f tributo series  s  vossen wheels   x

Ferrari F8 Tributo gets Vossen Forged Wheels

DETAILS: Every few years or so Ferrari designs and builds a vehicle to pay homage to their past. In this case, Ferrari’s F8 Tributo, while just an update to the 488, pays homage to Ferrari’s most powerful V8 ever made. The F8 Tributo uses the same V8 used in the 488 Pista, which was the […]

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untitled design

Introducing Vertini’s New RFS1.9 Wheel!

DETAILS: Vertini has been hard at work designing a new wheel for their Rotary Forged line of wheels. Presenting to the world Vertini’s RFS1.9!   The RFS1.9 wheel is manufactured using the newest and latest German manufacturing process that utilizes pressurized rollers to stretch the wheel to the required specifications. By doing this, Vertini achieves […]

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Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon gets Vossen HF-2 Wheels

DETAILS: Here’s something we don’t see in the states. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon. Now, while in Europe, a very popular and common car, here in the United States, it is a completely different story. In fact, this specific model from Mercedes was only recently confirmed to be released stateside as of March this year in […]

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 infiniti q fr matte bronze

Bagged Infiniti Q60 with Ferrada Forge-8 FR6

DETAILS: The Q60S from Infiniti makes for a very nice luxury coupe when compared to the offerings from the rest of the Japanese luxury automakers. Its Nissan heritage makes it amongst the more popular JDM vehicles currently available on the market too. This is why we see so many examples of this car modified in […]

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