n4sm need 4 speed motorsports showroom overview bmw m5

Brand New N4SM Showroom!

DETAILS:  Hello fellow enthusiasts, welcome back to the N4SM blog. Here at Need 4 Speed we carry some of the biggest and most popular wheel brands on the market. Brands like Vossen, Niche, Rohana, Ferrada, TSW, and more. But today, rather than highlighting one specific manufacturer, we actually want to highlight our brand new showroom. […]

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n4sm ferrada fr matte black on mercedes amg gtr

Mercedes AMG GTR Gets Equipped with Ferrada FR7 Wheels

Details: If you’re a follower of motorsports of any kind, then you already know about Mercedes’ long motor sports history. Dating all the way back to 1923. But Mercedes’ automotive history in general goes much farther back. To a gentleman named Karl Benz. While many believe that Henry Ford invented the first car in 1904, […]

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yellow lexus lc500 agwheels black

Lexus LC500 on Avant Garde M632 Wheels

Details: In 2018, Lexus released the LC 500, a grand touring luxury coupe that shares some DNA with the Lexus LFA. It brought to the market a brand new design, that was fresh, bold, but sleek all at the same time. While also sporting a 2UR-GSE 5.0-litre V8 engine. Which is an updated version of […]

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gt4 porsche cayman vossen hf5 wheels gold

All New Vossen HF-5 Hybrid Forged Series Wheel

Details: Fellow Enthusiasts, here’s a new wheel design from Vossen. These are the HF-5. Vossen’s new Hybrid Forged HF-5 wheel is inspired by it’s fully forged counterpart the S21-01. It features a gorgeous y-spoke design in two standard finishes, gloss black and matte gunmetal. The pockets around the individual spokes help reduce some of the […]

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Mermaid wrapped Nissan GTR gets all new Rohana RFX10 wheels in Gloss Black

Details: Fellow Enthusiast check out this air breathing monster. The Nissan GTR gets completed with a new mermaid wrap and Rohana Wheels RFX10. The multi-spoke design fits amazingly with this GTR dynamic look. Rohana Wheels has always amused us with there latest designs and perfect fitments. Let us know what you think of this perfect setup ? Specs […]

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Wrapped Nissan GTR gets some new sexy Vossen CG-202 Wheels

Details: This Nissan GTR gets dialed to perfection… with its all new Vossen CG-202 wheels isn’t for the faint of hearts. The split multi spoke concave design makes this GTR stand out. The CG Series is characterized by the closed geometry and elegantly-confined patterns within each spoke design. Let us know what you think of […]

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The new Ferrada Forge-8 FR8 wheels sit amazing on a W209 Mercedes CLK AMG

Details: This beautiful W209 CLK AMG looks amazing sporting the all new Bronze Ferrada FR8 wheels. This wheels makes a perfect combo to the Mercedes CLK looks and performance. Ferrada Wheels has always amused us for their strong, Light weight wheels and unique Lip design. What do you think of this setup ? Take advantage […]

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2017 Audi R8 gets new Vossen VPS-314t wheels Light Smoke

This breath taking Audi R8 needs no introduction… with its all new Vossen VPS-314T wheels isn’t for the faint of hearts. The Audi R8 takes the nickname of ” super car ” Vossen Wheels goes beyond by completing the looks and performance to this R8. Let us know what you think of this setup? __________________________________________________ […]

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F32 BMW 435i M-Sport gets a new look with Avant Garde M632 Wheels in Cooper Finish

Details: This breath taking BMW 435i needs no introduction, with its custom copper plated wheels takes us to the future. The new AG M632 wheels fit perfectly to this aero dynamic body of the 435i BMW. Avant Garde Wheels has always amused us with their new design and strong wheels. Specs : •Vehicle Fitment: BMW […]

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