Sponsorship for Modified Corvette models C5 base, C5 Z06, C6 Z06, and C7 Z06 on the MRR FS01 Wheels

Good evening fellow Corvette members,

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the MRR Design FS01 Spun Forged wheels.
The MRR FS01 wheels are going to have of the fastest turn around times in the industry for a custom produced wheel.
Complete production time from start to finish will only take 2-3 weeks for all Standard finishes.
The MRR Design FS01 wheels are engineered to be much lighter in weight and stronger in structure versus any cast aluminum wheel.
MRR Design has been producing aftermarket custom wheels for over 10 years, and we have been there every step of the way. =) weight

Fitment: Chevy Corvette C5 Base, C5 Z06, C6 Z06, C7 06 Corvette
Wheel Specs: 19×10 Front & 20×12 Rear
Standard Colors: Gloss Black, Matte black, Liquid Silver, Gloss Gunmetal
Optional Colors: Matte Gunmetal, Matte Bronze, Gold, Blue, Orange, White…
Custom Exotic Finishes: Brushed Effects, Polishing, Transparent And Candy Colors..
Production Time: Currently only 2-3 weeks including Standard finishing. Please add 1-2 weeks for exotic finishes.

We are looking for passionate enthusiasts that likes to share their project build through local car shows/events, photo/ video shoots, car shows/
and involvement with the forums and social media channels.

If this sounds sounds like your idea of fun, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

We are offering the following as part of the Full Sponsorship:

– Full set of Spun Forged wheels in the 19×10 & 20×12 sizes.
– Complimentary mounting hardware kit
– Professional Photography
– Professional Videography
– Need 4 Speed Motorsports Promo Kit  Motorsports
– Complimentary Installation services (Mount, Balance, Transfer of TPMS sensors)

Minimum Sponsorship Requirements:

– Located in the Southern California region
– Vehicle would need to be made available for professional photo and video.
– Attend at least 3 shows, event, or car meets. The more the merrier.

How to submit your ride for Full Sponsorship consideration. 

Post pictures of your vehicle on this thread, send them through private message, or email to Jake@n4sm.com

Please be sure to include all modifications you have done to your vehicle. No modification is too big or too small, we love to read them all. modifications


corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-02 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-03 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-04 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-05 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-06 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-07 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-08 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-09 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-10 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-11 corvette-c5-c6-c7-mrr-fs01-wheels-12