ferrari f novitech n largo cm mgc  of  scaled

1 of 12 Ultra Rare Ferrari F12 N-Largo S Gets Ferrada Wheels!

DETAILS: In the realm of cars and enthusiasts, it is not uncommon to run into a Ferrari at a Cars N Coffee event or something. In fact, in our world are Ferrari’s really all that rare anymore? The answer is yes and no. In our enthusiast bubble, Ferrari’s like the 458, 488, F12, 360, those […]

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 dodge charger daytona cm mgc

Dodge Charger Burnouts on Ferrada’s New CM2 Wheels

DETAILS: Recently Ferrada launched its brand new wheel line CM or Concave Madness. Featuring extra deep concave profiles and designs inspired by the ones they first brought to market. They launched this wheel line with 2 wheel designs, the CM1 and the CM2 both of which can be seen below. But, more importantly than that, […]

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concave madness detail photos

Concave Madness! New Wheel Line from Ferrada!

DETAILS: Big news coming out of Ferrada this week as they release their new line of wheels called Concave Madness. This new line of wheels features 2 new designs taking inspiration from the wheels that put Ferrada on the map from the start. Along with 2 new finishes as well! Keep on reading for some […]

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 dodge charger scat pack fr matte black  of

Dodge Charger Scatpack gets new Ferrada Forge-8 Wheels

DETAILS: Ferrada’s Forge-8 line of wheels is a great way to add superior strength and lightweight to any vehicle application. Ferrada constructs their F8 wheel line using a propriety construction method that employs 8 rollers hence the name Forge-8. They have a selection of 4 designs as part of the line, all very stylish, strong, […]

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Burnouts are Fun! Dodge Durango ft. Ferrada FT2 Wheels

DETAILS: Last week we wrote a blog about Ferrada’s new wheel in their FT-line of wheels. This week we’re bringing to you a very nice collaboration between Ferrada and one very cool, fun-having, brake-glowing, tire-smoking Dodge Durango on a set of Ferrada FT-2 wheels. Ferrada’s FT-line of wheels is specifically designed for trucks and SUVs. […]

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Ferrada NEW Wheel Drop for 6-lugs FT Series FT4

DETAILS: As more higher performance trucks and SUVs hit the market – aftermarket wheel manufacturers are making sure they get some wheel options out there asap. Especially for the 6-lug vehicles and knowing full well that people love to customize. Ferrada Wheels has had their FT-series of wheels for some time now but they’ve added […]

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 cls  amg fr brushed rouge

New Finish! Brushed Rouge from Ferrada Wheels

DETAILS: For quite some time, Ferrada has been teasing their new Brushed Rouge signature finish. Today, it is finally available! Designed specifically for their Forge-8 line of wheels, the Brushed Rouge finish features a complete hand-brushed texture and a candy apple red tint. This allows the brushed texture to really pop in the direct sunlight […]

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 ferrari  gtb fr matte black  of

Ferrari 488 Gets Ferrada FR7 Wheels

DETAILS: Ferrari as a builder and then a company has made some legendary cars throughout their entire legacy. One of their recent additions to the line up is the 488 which replaced the 458 in name but still shares a similar twin turbo V8 power plant. It also shares very similar body lines as well, […]

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nsm fr ferrada machine black chrome lip  audi rs wheel close up

Ferrada Wheels 2020 Spring Sale!

DETAILS: 2020 SPRING SALE To help spread a little positivity during this Corona virus situation, Ferrada is having a spring sale! If you follow us on social media, we’ve been posting about it for a few days now. If this is your first time hearing about it, here are the details. From now until March […]

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nsm vintage vossen set vvs black machine

Need 4 Speed Motorsports Spring Cleaning Special Sales!

DETAILS:  Fellow enthusiasts!  In the last post, we talked about our new showroom and updating everything to be more modern and appealing. One of the side effects of modernizing our shop is that we have a ton of wheels in storage that need to go. Which means, deals for all of our readers! There’s no […]

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