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New Murdered Out Corvette C8 Gets MRR FS01 Wheels

DETAILS: We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to say it. This was inevitable. Chevrolet’s mindset with the new C8 is fantastic for the American automotive industry. The affordable American-made supercar. There’s no doubt that the new Corvette C8 platform is already a hit. From all the youtube videos on the internet, to now GM […]

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In House Ceramic Coating Available!

DETAILS: When you buy your set of wheels and tires from Need 4 Speed Motorsports, make sure you ask about our Ceramic Coating add on. It’s a great way to protect your investment from things like dirt and road grime. And if you get a custom finish, it’ll help keep it nice, shiny, and protected […]

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Widebody BMW 140i Wagon gets Vossen Hybrid Forged HF3 Wheels

DETAILS: Here’s something we don’t see every day in the states! A BMW 140i Wagon. That’s been wide-bodied and set up with a nice set of Vossen Hybrid Forged HF3 Wheels. This BMW was never released in the states which is what makes it pretty unique to us, on top of that, the owners of […]

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What is Tire Aging? How To Tell Your Tires Age?

DETAILS: Just like with us as human beings, age can also have a big impact on tires. Even by just sitting in a garage, tires can and will degrade over time. The best-case scenario will be just a slight inconvenience, worst-case scenario, could be a potentially fatal crash or some other kind of accident. The […]

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Looking to Stand Out? Get a Custom Finish!

DETAILS: So you’re looking at getting a new set of wheels and you’ve finally picked a style. You’re so close to hitting that checkout button but the only thing holding you back is the finishing options. Maybe you don’t want that same silver or gray color that your wheels come in. Maybe you just want […]

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Cast vs. Flow Formed vs. Fully Forged Wheels Are They Really Different?

DETAILS: Here at Need 4 Speed Motorsports, we work with a lot of wheels and wheel manufacturers. Through that process we work with a lot of you as well, our customers. One question we do get a lot of the time is what’s the difference between a cast wheel, a flow formed wheel, and a […]

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GTR Nissan hybrid forged vossen hf5 wheels hybrid forged matte bronze

What are Wheel Offsets?

DETAILS: At first, offsets can be very tricky to understand. We promise you, they are not. Usually referred to as “ET” by manufacturers in the industry, in simple terms offset is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface.  The lower the offset, the more the wheel will stick out. The […]

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Extra Classy Mercedes S560 on Vossen’s New HF-4T

DETAILS: Mercedes-Benz is amongst the biggest producers of class and luxury. Their S-Class line of vehicles is at the highest level of consumer luxury. Majestic in presence and poised while on the move. From its double-bar grille to its “Stardust” taillamps, every detail advances two deep traditions: groundbreaking innovation wrapped in trendsetting style. It almost […]

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Ferrari 488 Gets Ferrada FR7 Wheels

DETAILS: Ferrari as a builder and then a company has made some legendary cars throughout their entire legacy. One of their recent additions to the line up is the 488 which replaced the 458 in name but still shares a similar twin turbo V8 power plant. It also shares very similar body lines as well, […]

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Wide Body Lamborghini Huracan Gets Rohana Custom Wheels

DETAILS: Very few people can afford to get themselves a Lamborghini. Of those that can, even fewer are brave enough to modify them. Especially in the way this one has been set up. Liberty Walk is a company that prides itself in making the extraordinary even more extraordinary. Their wide body kits are some of […]

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