Project “Precision Designo”

Wheel Model: Vossen Precision Series VPS 311
Finish: Polished Clear
Bolt Pattern: 5×112
Wheel Size: 22×9 Front & 22×10.5 Rear
Tire Model: Pirelli PZero Nero
Tire Sizes: 255/30/22 Front &  295/25/22 Rear


What do you get when you combine exclusive selection of exquisite paint, leather and interior trim with the ultimate forged, lightweight, and cut to precision wheels? You get a fine art piece you can drive daily, named “Project Precision Designo”. The Mercedes Benz W222 S550 Designo package can is the blend of innovation with the utmost craftsmanship in the industry which results in an interior cabin design that can be described as the executive office on wheels. To bring the same caliber of craftsmanship and precision to the exterior, Vossen Precision Series VPS 311 wheels in Polished Clear finish were added to the Mercedes Benz W222 S550. Like the name states, Vossen Precision Series VPS 311 is the definition of the word “precision”. Using one piece forged construction, Vossen manufactures Precision Series fully in-house. This allows Vossen to construct wheels that are precisely made for each individual vehicle. This one of Mercedes Benz W222 S550 is running 22×9 front and 22×10.5 rear.

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