Rohana Wheels, has over 15 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry. They strive to provide the highest level of quality and excellence for their products. Exceptional knowledge and solid experience allows them to develop innovative designs.

Rohana Wheels offers uniquely designed wheels for the high end luxury and performance vehicles, ranging from European, Domestic, and Japanese makes. Most of their wheels are engineered to clear performance brakes.

Their wheel lineup ranges from sizes of 19″ to 22″, along with staggered widths as wide as 12″. They offer a wide variety of wheels, catering to enthusiasts who seek stainless steel lips paired with maximum concavity.

Their engineering allows them to create cast alloy wheels with a one-piece monoblock design. Their RC series concave wheels are low pressure cast, with improved mechanical properties over a gravity cast wheel. Low pressure cast is commonly approved for alloy wheels for OEM markets. All of their wheels meet and surpass JWL and VIA specifications, while upholding the highest standard in quality control. Rohana Wheels is dedicated to providing the most innovative designs and highest quality in each and every wheel.

Rohana RC10 Machine Black/Chrome Lip

RC10 Machine Black/Chrome Lip

Rohana RC10 Matte Black

RC10 Matte Black

Rohana RC10 Machine Silver/Chrome Lip

RC10 Machine Silver/Chrome Lip

Rohana RC10 Matte Graphite/Gloss Black Lip

RC10 Matte Graphite/Gloss Black Lip

Rohana RC22 Matte Black

RC22 Matte Black

Rohana RC22 Matte Graphite

RC22 Matte Graphite

Rohana RC22 Machine Silver

RC22 Machine Silver

Rohana RC7 Matte Graphite

RC7 Matte Graphite

Rohana RC7 Machine Silver

RC7 Machine Silver

Rohana RFX1 Brushed Titanium

RFX1 Brushed Titanium

Rohana RFX1 Matte Black

RFX1 Matte Black

Rohana RFX1 Gloss Red

RFX1 Gloss Red

Rohana RFX2 Brushed Titanium

RFX2 Brushed Titanium

Rohana RFX2 Matte Black

RFX2 Matte Black

Rohana RFX2 Gloss Red

RFX2 Gloss Red

Rohana RFX10 Brushed Titanium

RFX10 Brushed Titanium

Rohana RFX10 Brushed Bronze

RFX10 Brushed Bronze

Rohana RFX10 Gloss Black

RFX10 Gloss Black

Rohana RFX5 Brushed Titanium

RFX5 Brushed Titanium

Rohana RFX5 Gloss Gold

RFX5 Gloss Gold

Rohana RFX5 Matte Black

RFX5 Matte Black

Rohana RFX7 Brushed Titanium

RFX7 Brushed Titanium

Rohana RFX7 Gloss Black

RFX7 Gloss Black

Rohana RFX7 Brushed Bronze

RFX7 Brushed Bronze









Rohana Wheels offers a manufacture defect warranty covering the finish of the wheel to the original retail purchaser for one year from the date of purchase. The purchase must be made from an authorized Rohana Wheels dealer. This limited warranty states that our wheels will be free from paint surface and finish issues due to defects in material and workmanship under normal and intended use. We stand behind each and every wheel with a lifetime structural warranty, covering any defects that are a result of a manufacturing issue. The warranty does not apply to discontinued models.

The warranty will not apply to any failure in result of off-road use, negligence, accidents, curb and pothole damages, improper tire mounting and installation, alterations or modifications, use of adapters/spacers, improper tire size usage, or normal wear and tear. Any cosmetic blemishes, flaws, or corrosion due to chemicals, abrasives, negligence or climate conditions will not be covered.

Upon inspection, Rohana Wheels will repair or replace the wheel free of charge, with the exception of transportation. Please contact your dealer for the RMA number and form to file a claim.

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