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Designed in-house by our teams in California and Florida, XO Luxury wheels are the result of vigorous research and development to ensure premium quality in design, style, and craftsmanship. We are committed to making the XO Luxury Collection the most sought-after wheels on the market.

Our facilities are where dreams become reality. We are passionate about the entire manufacturing and distribution process. From idea to reality, we're here to make sure quality is king. We are backed by a long heritage of experience from all aspects of the automotive performance industry with trend-oriented designs and an eye for innovation.



With regular care and regular road conditions, XO Luxury offers a two year finish warranty on its wheels with chrome and painted finishes. XO Luxury provides a five year structural warranty for wheels it manufactures that are structurally unsound because of a manufacturing defect caused by XO Luxury that makes the wheel unfit for its ordinary purpose. Damage or issues with wheels manufactured by XO Luxury that are not caused by, or the result of, a manufacturing defect by XO Luxury are not covered under the warranty. Additionally, the following are expressly excluded from the warranty:

  • XO Luxury does not offer a "road hazard warranty," so any damage or issue with a wheel caused by the wheel colliding with a pothole or any other object or debris will not be covered by the warranty;
  • Wheels that have been used in racing are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness; and
  • Wheels mounted on vehicles with a load rating in excess of the load rating of the wheel are not covered by the warranty regardless of the damage or structural unsoundness.
  • Wheels that have been modified, repainted, or powder coated.

THE WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER OF A WHEEL AND THE WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO THE ACTUAL AMOUNT XO LUXURY WAS PAID FOR THE WHEEL. To submit a wheel for determination of coverage, a distributor must first obtain a Returned Goods Authorization number from an authorized XO Luxury salesperson. Wheels sent to XO Luxury without first obtaining a Returned Goods Authorization number will be refused and returned to sender. After obtaining the Returned Good Authorization number, THE DISTRIBUTOR WHO PURCHASED THE WHEEL FROM XO LUXURY must send the wheel by freight prepaid, as freight costs, shipping costs and any consequential damages are not covered by the warranty, to XO Luxury headquarters in Brea, California for inspection by XO Luxury. The invoice of the original purchase must be included with the wheel so XO Luxury can verify the wheel is being submitted for coverage under the warranty by the original purchaser. A customer of a distributor cannot directly send a wheel for inspection to XO Luxury as XO Luxury does not communicate, correspond or deal in any way with the customers of XO Luxury's distributors. A wheel submitted to XO Luxury by a customer of the distributor will be returned.

After receiving a wheel submitted by a distributor for inspection, XO Luxury will inspect the wheel and notify the distributor if the wheel is covered by the warranty. If XO Luxury determines the wheel is covered by the warranty, XO Luxury will issue a credit note to the distributor for the amount the distributor paid XO Luxury for the wheel.

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