Packaging Process

Just like “Power is nothing without Control”, we believe that speed is nothing without accuracy. You will be glad to know that almost every single product passes through a three stage inspection process before being sent on its way to you. In the first stage, one of our experienced warehouse team members inspects each and every product entering our warehouse, a second inspection is completed during the mounting and balancing stage, and a final inspection is conducted in the packaging stage. Considering our close proximity to most aftermarket manufacturers, we are able to correct any mistake and or “not so perfect” products in as little as one day before sending them on their way to you. Since we are enthusiast ourselves, we know the feeling of anticipation and excitement that builds waiting for your parts to arrive. Let us assure you that with our fast processing time, three stage inspection process, and world-class packaging, you will receive your order in a timely manner without any damages.

Need 4 Speed Motorsports' Packaging Process


1. Clean

After your wheels and tires have been paired together utilizing our touch-less mounting machine and high speed computer balance, we then thoroughly clean your wheels inside and out with approved wheel cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Shrink wrap

2. Shrink Wrap

Once your wheels have been thoroughly cleaned, we then wrap both your wheels and tires with 80 gauge heavy duty stretch wrap to ensure that your wheels and tires arrive in perfect condition.


3. Box

Every single wheel and tire package receives custom made heavy duty corrugated boxes which are made based the diameter and width of your wheels and tires. We complete our pioneering packaging process with four layers of heavy duty cardboard to protect your wheels even further during transit.


4. Strap

To ensure that your custom made boxes provide full protection on your wheels and tires in transit, we go the extra step of enclosing them with heavy duty straps utilizing our automatic strapping machine. These straps serve as a "protective cage" for your shipment and also provide friendly handles for the shipping companies better handle your parts.


5. Carrier Pickup

FedEx Pickup

Once your order has received the Need 4 Speed Motorsports treatment, one of the shipping carries will pick up on a daily bases and deliver your parts right to your door step within 1 to 5 business days. We do also offer Saturday delivery in the case where you would like to make it to the car show or be ready for the weekend. Please contact our shipping experts at 1-888 714-7467 to ensure you receive your parts exactly when you need them.

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